Greater Oregon

Who Are We?

Greater Oregon PAC is a bipartisan grassroots petition committee formed in Malheur County, dedicated to preserving the culture, diversity and integrity of our state. We are composed of passionate and committed citizens from various backgrounds. We are uniting to remain Oregonians.

Why Do We Exist?

We firmly believe that the boundaries of Oregon are an integral part of our historical, cultural, and economic identity. We believe changing the boundaries of Oregon would have a drastic impact on education, healthcare, economics, land use, employment and our way of life. As such, we are actively working to repeal the county ordinance “Meet To Promote Relocating Oregon-Idaho Border” through a petition.

How Do You Get Involved?

Getting involved in a petition is a powerful way to advocate for this change that impacts you. Check out the calendar times and locations to sign or join the movement and collect signatures. Signing the petition directly adds your voice to remain Oregonians. You can read the full text of the county measure from the county website.

For more information contact us at